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Perform Developmental Editing on your Manuscript




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Unveil the art of macro-editing with our comprehensive course designed for aspiring authors eager to take their writing to the next level. Macro-editing is not just about revising; it’s about understanding the big picture of your manuscript and enhancing its overall quality through structured editing techniques.

Learning Objectives:

Assess Writing Holistically: Learn to evaluate both the narrative and mechanical aspects of writing, ensuring that every element from plot to punctuation enhances your story’s impact.

Develop Personalized Tools: Create a macro-editing checklist tailored to your specific writing needs and genre, helping you streamline the editing process and maintain focus on key elements of your manuscript.

Engage with Peer Feedback: Implement effective peer review strategies to provide and receive constructive feedback, fostering a supportive writing community and gaining insights into your writing's strengths and weaknesses.

Apply Macro-Editing Techniques: Integrate comprehensive edits into your work, refining everything from character development to narrative structure, ensuring your manuscript resonates with your intended audience.

Course Outline:

The Fundamentals of Macro-Editing: Introduction to macro-editing, understanding its necessity, and differentiating it from micro-editing.

Narrative Structure Techniques: Explore various narrative structures like the Three-Act Structure, Freytag’s Pyramid, and the Hero’s Journey to determine the best fit for your story.

Character Development: Learn methods to craft authentic, dynamic characters who drive the narrative and engage readers.

Setting and World-Building: Techniques to effectively describe settings that support and enhance your narrative without overwhelming readers.

Point of View and Narration Choices: Decide on the most effective narrator and point of view for your story, considering the impact on reader engagement and story clarity.

Tone, Style, and Voice: Develop a consistent style and voice appropriate for your narrative while maintaining the intended tone throughout your manuscript.

Who Should Enroll: This course is perfect for novice writers who have completed a draft of their manuscript and are ready to refine it, as well as more experienced authors looking to deepen their editing skills.

Outcome: By the end of this course, you will not only have a deeper understanding of how to macro-edit your book but also possess a ready-to-implement strategy tailored to your writing style and genre. This course aims to transform your draft into a polished manuscript ready to capture the hearts and minds of readers.

Enroll now and transform your manuscript with the precision and care it deserves. Elevate your writing journey with the skills to critically assess and enhance every element of your story, ensuring it’s compelling, coherent, and ready for publication.