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The only course you need to learn Ethical Hacking. Hack computer systems like a black hat hacker & secure them like pro.




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Welcome to the "Complete Ethical Hacking Masterclass: Go from Zero to Hero". In this course you will Start as a beginner with no previous knowledge & by the end of the course you will be at a High Intermediate level in Ethical Hacking. This course is focused on the practical side of Ethical Hacking.

With 550 lectures & 130+ hours of HD video content this comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned! You don't need any previous programming knowledge or basics for starting this course. In this course we will start from Scratch. We will explain all the techniques of hacking , theory behind those techniques & give Real-World Hacking Examples in every single Part of the course!   

Black Hat hacking has always been a dream for us! Make your dream come true by taking this complete Course. Once you buy that Course you will get a Life time access to the content & you will get answer to your every single question from an experienced IT professional! This extensive course doesn’t just cover a small portion of Hacking & Securing Network. This course covers everything you need to know about Ethical Hacking.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Give me 5 minutes of your time to let you know why this course is the best course on the Internet. In this course there are 26 parts including Social Engineering, Website Hacking, Mobile Hacking, Hacking Using python, Computer Forensics & much more!

Below there are the 26 parts that we are going to learn through out the course in great details:

Basics Of Hacking

Setting Up Our Own Hacking Environment

Information Gathering

Complete Pre Connection Attack - WiFi & Wired Hacking

Network Scanning

Denial Of Service(DOS) & Distributed Denial Of Service(DDOS) Attack

Sniffing Attacks

Session Hijacking

Buffer Overflow Hacking


Password Hacking

Web Application Hacking

Malware Hacking

Cloud Computing

Hacking Systems

Complete Social Engineering Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Complete Website Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Complete Mobile Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Creating Our Own Advance Keylogger & Trojan With C plus plus

Complete Nmap Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Complete Wireshark Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Learn to Detect & Defend All Of The Attacks

Complete Computer Forensics Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Complete Bug Bounty Course - Earn Money Legally!

Complete Deep Web & Dark Net Course : Beginner to Advanced!

[Bonus Courses] Complete Python & Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!

[Bonus Courses] Complete Metasploit Course: Beginner to Advanced!

This course contain 26 parts but this course can be divided in to 15 main sections. Below there is a brief explanation of this Complete course. You will learn much more than what we try to explain below!

Main Section One(1)  : Basics Of Hacking & Setting Up The Lab - In this main section you will get a Introduction & complete Course Overview. This section also teach you the Basic of Ethical Hacking & how to set up the hacking lab. By the end of this section you will be comfortable using the below skills:

Ethical Hacking Basics

Learn how to Install VirtualBox

Configure the VirtualBox

Downloading & Installing Kali Linux latest

Downloading & Installing Windows 10, Windows 7 & Windows XP

Downloading & Installing Metasploitable

Downloading & Installing Mac OS X & Ubuntu

Downloading & Installing Mobile Platforms on the PC for learning to hack mobile phones.

Configuring Kali Linux, All Windows Operating Systems, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Metasploitable & Mobiles For Better Performance

Hacking Lab Basics

Kali Linux Basics

Basics of Kali Linux Terminal, Commands & CLI

Advanced uses of Kali Linux Terminal, Commands & CLI

Basics of Metasploitable, Mac OS X, Ubuntu & Windows

Basics of installed Mobile Platforms

Getting Black Hat hacking tools for further use(Only for Ethical Hacking purpose!)

Increasing The Internet Speed & More Configuration!   

Real-World Hacking Examples Of Hacking & Setting Up The Lab

Main Section Two(2)  : Complete Anonymity Online  - In this main section you will learn how to be Anonymous online and offline. Before starting to Hack we will ensure our complete Security, Anonymity & Privacy. By the end of this section you will be comfortable using the below skills:

Installing the Best Operating System  that Hackers use only for Anonymity

Learn the actions and behavior In order to maintain Security and Anonymity

Using Virtual private Network (VPN)  - Details included

Setting Up - Open VPN Server

Setting Up - Open VPN Client

Get The Best Virtual Private Network (Free)

Installing & Configuring Tor & Tails

Details about Tor Relays, Tor Bridges & Pluggable Transports

Details about Obfsproxy

Tor Hidden Services, Security & Anonymity Practices [Demonstration]

Using JonDonym For Staying Anonymous Online     

Macchanger for Anonymity - Advanced Uses Included

Using Different Proxies & Proxy Chain For Anonymity

Setting Up - Our Own proxy Server

Setting Up - Our Own Proxy Chain

Using Best Kali Linux Tools For Anonymity

Using Cellular Networks & I2P For Maintaining Privacy and Anonymity Online

Advance Methods For Staying Anonymous Using Nesting and Chaining Together   

My Trips & Tricks For Maintaining Privacy & Anonymity

Real-World Hacking Examples Of Maintaining Anonymity Online & Offline [Demonstration]

Main Section Three(3)  : Information Gathering - In this main section you will learn how to Gather Information about the Victim weather it is a person, website or a company. By the end of this section you will be comfortable using the below skills:

Gathering Passive Information

Gathering Passive Information using different tools

Searching for hidden people

Hacking Job sites for getting details

Using Netcraft for gathering Passive Information

Using Maltego for gathering Passive Information

Using Google Hacking for gathering Passive Information

Using ICMP, SNMP, SMTP, NTP, Netbios & LDAP

Using Best Kali Linux tools for Passive Information Gathering

Get Critical Information Easily

Knowing about any hidden information easily

Real-World Hacking Example Of Passive Information Gathering [Demonstration]

Gathering Active Information

Gathering active information using search engines

Using different websites for Gathering active information

WHOis For Active Information Gathering

Using Finger, RpcInfo, ShowMount & Enum4Linux  For Gathering Information

Advanced DNS Tricks For Active Information Gathering

Advanced Google Search operators for gathering active Information

Using Database Hacking , Tools & advanced Google hacking

Nmap, Nmap NSE scripts, Zenmap for gathering Active Information

Gathering Active Information using DNS transfer Zone,

SMB Null Session & SMB Enumeration

Using Best Kali Linux Tools For Active Information Gathering 

Getting Any Victim's IP Address & Details!

Real-World Hacking Example Of Active Information Gathering [Demonstration]

Main Section Four(4)  : Complete Pre Connection Attack: WiFi & Wired Hacking - In this section you will learn how to hack WiFi & Wired connection. You will also learn gaining access to Captive Portals (such as Airports, Hotels, etc...), Creating Fake Captive portals, Creating rogue access point, Writing Custom Scripts, Executing Our Custom Attacks & more!

By the end of this main section you will be comfortable using the below skills:

Learn & Understand WiFi & Wired Hacking

Identifying The Target Network

Pre Connection Attacks of WiFi & Wired Hacking

Gaining Access - WiFi & Wired Hacking

Gaining Access - Different Captive Portals (Airports, Hotels, etc)

Post Connection Attacks - WiFi & Wired Hacking

Post Connection Attacks - Writing Custom Scripts & Executing Our Custom Attacks

Creating Rogue Access Point - Step By Step

Creating Fake Captive Portals - Step By Step

Covering Our Tracks

Real-World Hacking Example Of WiFi & Wired Hacking [Demonstration]

Main Section Five(5)  : Hacking Attacks - All the attacks that a hacker can do and you should learn ! By the end of this main section you will be comfortable using the below skills:

Scanning Network (Brief Description)

Basics Of Scanning

Learn to Scan Networks

Learn to Scan out of your own Network

Network level scanning & Web application level scanning learn both

Learn to Scan for Vulnerability

Real-Word Hacking Examples of Network Scanning [Demonstration]

DOS & DDOS attack (Brief Description)

Understand DOS & DDOS properly

Learn about the Computer networking OSI model

DDOS in the world map

Clearing concept using best tools and services

Doing DOS & DDOS using HTTP flood, ICMP flood, SYN flood, Slowloris, LOIC , JS LOIC, etc

Stressers and Booters for DOS & DDOS

Tools that hacker community use for DOS & DDOS

Creating Zombie Computers, Botnets & Executing DDOS Attack

Crash or Taking Down Websites & Signal Jamming Using DOS & DDOS ATTACK

Real-Word Hacking Examples of DOS & DDOS [Demonstration]

Sniffing Attacks (Brief Description)

Sniffing using ARP Poisoning, ARP Spoofing & more!

Sniffing with Windump & TCP Dump 

Wireshark For Sniffing

Sniffing using DNS Poisoning

Advance Man In The Middle- Writing script, Converting downloads to Trojan on fly

Even More Advanced Methods For Sniffing  (such as: Flooding, SSL Strips, Sidejacking & more!)

Demonstration in every section!

Real-Word Hacking Examples of Sniffing Attacks [Demonstration]

Session Hijacking(Brief Description)

Basics Of Session Hijacking

Learn Session Hijacking of Network level & Web Application level

Network Level Session Hijacking using TCP & UDP hijacking, Blind hijacking etc

Web application level session hijacking using Cookies, Bruteforce, XSS etc

Automating Session hijacking using Burpsuite, Owaspzap, Netsparker etc

Real-Word Hacking Examples of Session Hijacking [Demonstration]

Buffer Overflow (Brief Description)

Basics of Buffer Overflow

Mastering Buffer Overflow

Buffer Overflow using Malware

Buffer Overflow using Programming

Database hacking & Reporting of Buffer Overflow

Learning advance techniques of Buffer Overflow

Compromising the Victim using Buffer Overflow

Real-Word Hacking Examples of Buffer Overflow [Demonstration]

Cryptography (Brief Description)

Basics Of Cryptography

Learn and Understand Cryptography

GAK, PGP, DSA Explanation

Side Chanel Attack

Using Best Tools For Cryptography (such as: SSH, Hashing Tools & more!)

Real-World Hacking Example Of Cryptography [Demonstration]

Password Hacking (Brief Description)

Using Best Guessing Methods For Hacking Passwords - Using Tools Included

Brute Force Methods For Password Hacking

Stealing Password Using Keylogger

Kali Linux For Hacking Passwords

Advanced Methods For Cracking Password

Real-World Hacking Example Of Password Hacking [Demonstration]

Web Application Hacking (Brief Description)

Basics Of Web Application Hacking

Gathering information for hacking web application

Learn to do web application tampering

Client side attacks of web application hacking

Identity management & access control of web application hacking

Real-World Hacking Example of Web Application [Demonstration]

Malware Hacking (Brief Description)

Hacking Using Malware Basic

Basics of Trojan Viruses

Basics of Virus & Worms

Creating a Trojan Virus [Demonstration]

Creating Virus & Worms [Demonstration]

Destroying Victim's System Using Malware [Demonstration]