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Master Project Planning Scheduling for Construction Projects on Primavera P6 Software Comparing MS-Project From Zero




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Are you looking to learn Primavera P6 in one Course and Become a Professional Planning Engineer?

Don't forget to Enroll in this Course Because this is the Only Course that will Teach & make you Work on 2 Live  Practical  Projects, whereas other Courses Just teach commands and Close the Lectures.

Look No Further, you are on the Right Course and at the Right time.

Look Below for the Topics Covered in the Course and take action to become a Planning Engineer from Today onwards

Key course topics

Module 1 -Introduction to Microsoft Project - MSP - Most  User-friendly Software

User Interface of Primavera P6 -Must Know Before Starting

How to Setup Auto Schedule  & Calendar on Live Project

Creating a calendar of Projects-Assignment added for Practice

Creating Milestones for Project  - Hurray - One Task Completed!

Types of Links l FF l SS l SF I FS I Methods of linking

Network Diagram l Task Information l Auto linking l

Planning for Small Live Projects and applying Basic Concepts

Module-2 Working on Live Construction Project- Decoding Concepts -Lead -Lag -Constraints

Concept of Lead & Lag on Real Live projects- 50 % of Planning is Done with this

Gant Chart Settings and Time Scale Settings

Gant Chart Layout I Bar Styles l  Assignment No-2

Constraints in Primavera  and its Application on Live Project

Module 3- Heaven for Planning Engineers - WBS l CPM I PERT I Assignment -Real Magic Starts

Work Break Down Structure on Real Project  l WBS l  50 % of  Planning is Done

Levels in WBS l Macro & Micro Scheduling in MS Project

How to Make Detailed WBS up to Level 7 - Big-Scale Project Concepts

CPM Analysis and Manual Calculation- The Lifeline for Planning Engineers

CPM validation on  Primavera - Most Important for Planning Engineer

CPM Assignment 1,2 & 3  l  Do this you are 200 % perfect in CPM l Hurray!!!

Pert Analysis and Manual Calculation - This is Heaven For Planning Engineers

PERT Validation on Software l Decoding its Practical Logic l- 50 % of planning

PERT Assignment 1,2 & 3 ! Do this and you will be 200 % Perfect in PERT l Excel

Module 4- Resource Planning l Manpower Planning l Machinery Planning l

Resource Planning l Manpower l Machinery l Material l

Assigning Resources to Activities l Costing of Entire Project

Resource Levelling l Manpower Over allocation l Manual Levelling

Resource Levelling by Auto Levelling Method

Module 5- Project  Updating l Project Tracking l Project Monitoring

Project Tracking l Assigning Baseline to Project l Start Your Tracking Now !!

Project Monitoring l % Work Completion l Actual Site Progress

Delay in Project l Delay in Start & Finish of Project l Real Time Tracking!

Planned VS Actual l How to Keep an Eye on Actual Progress and Planned Progress