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Certified Risk Information Systems Control ( ISACA CRISC ) Mock Exams | Practice Questions Updated 2024




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Today, I stand before you to introduce the globally recognized Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification, an esteemed credential that has become the benchmark for professionals in the risk management domain.

In today's dynamic and interconnected world, organizations face an ever-increasing array of risks, ranging from cyber threats to operational disruptions. The CRISC certification empowers individuals to effectively identify, assess, and manage these risks, ensuring the resilience and sustainability of their organizations.

Who Should Obtain the CRISC Certification?

The CRISC certification is designed for professionals who play a significant role in the risk management function within their organizations. This includes, but is not limited to:

Information security professionals

Risk managers


Compliance officers

Business continuity planners

IT governance specialists

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the CRISC certification program, individuals will possess a comprehensive understanding of:

Risk management fundamentals and methodologies

Information systems control frameworks and best practices

Risk identification, assessment, and prioritization

Risk response strategies and mitigation techniques

Risk monitoring and reporting processes

Risk management integration with business objectives

Exam Format and Passing Score

The CRISC exam is a computer-based multiple-choice examination consisting of 150 questions, with a minimum passing score of 70%. The exam is divided into four domains:

Domain 1: Risk Identification, Assessment, and Prioritization (40%)

Domain 2: Risk Response and Control Strategies (40%)

Domain 3: Risk Monitoring and Reporting (15%)

Domain 4: Risk Management Integration with Business Strategies (5%)

Three Reasons to Choose My Practice Questions

Up-to-date Information: My practice questions are meticulously updated to reflect the latest CRISC exam content and requirements, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive and relevant preparation materials.

Real-World Scenarios: My practice questions are designed to simulate real-world risk management scenarios that you are likely to encounter in your professional endeavors, providing you with the practical skills and knowledge to excel in the exam.

Detailed Explanations: Every practice question includes a detailed explanation of the correct answer, as well as explanations for incorrect answer choices. This comprehensive feedback allows you to identify areas for improvement and enhance your understanding of the CRISC concepts.

In conclusion, the CRISC certification is an invaluable credential that can significantly enhance your career prospects and professional standing. By diligently preparing with my practice questions, you can gain the confidence and expertise necessary to ace the exam and become a recognized risk management expert in your field.

Thank you for your attention. I encourage you to explore the CRISC certification and embark on your journey towards becoming a CRISC-certified risk management professional.