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Master Communication Skills: Effective Communication is essential in both professional and personal life.




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Communication is the process of two or more individuals exchanging thoughts, views, facts, and feelings in such a way that each person arrives to an understanding of the message that is being delivered that is shared by all.

Being able to articulate your thoughts and ideas clearly and present them in a well-organized format are invaluable skills in both your personal and professional lives.

In this course, you will study the building blocks of effective communication.

In this course, you will learn about

What is Communication and its importance?

Types of communication and their purpose.

Ways of Communication.

Purpose and aspects of communication.

Importance of listening and its stages.

Listening for better management and great team performance.

Techniques for effective listening.

History of the concept of communication.

Importance  Of building  Rapport and small talk in conversation.

Become an effective speaker by choosing the right words.

Simple steps to expand your vocabulary.

Behavior's over Character.

Role of voice and speaking style in communication.

Speak clearly and get your conversation flow right.

Oral Presentation: Types and purpose, etc.

After finishing this course, you will master the Fundamentals of Communication Skills.

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