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Learn Linux command line skills and professional Shell Scripting skills




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This course covers the following topics:

Installing VirtualBox and Linux Mint - Covers the basic installation to get you up and running for this course.

Editors - Vi and Notepad++. Discussion of the command based Vi Editor and some regular editor options.

Account Management - Root, Sudo, Admin and Regular users.

File and Directory Permissions - Permissions on Files and Folders. User, Group and Others.

Linux Commands - File and Directory Commands, User Info Commands, Networking Commands, SSH and File Transfer Commands, Disk Commands, Security Commands, Archiving Commands, Search Commands, Installation Commands

Vi Editor - Commands frequently used in the Vi Editor.

Shell Expansion - Brace expansion, Tilde expansion, Parameter expansion, Command substitution, Arithmetic expansion, Process substitution, Word splitting, Filename expansion, Quotes.

Basic Shell Scripting - Fundamentals of Shell Scripting.

Braces, Brackets & Parentheses - Evaluation of Expressions.

File Descriptors - Std Input, Std Output & Std Error

Iterations - While loops, For loops, Until loops


Case Statements

IF Statements

Regular Expressions - Use of Regular Expressions in Pattern Matching.


AWK - Use of AWK to extract and format data.

SED - Use of SED to perform search and replace functions.

Grep - Use of Grep to search for patterns of data.

Utilities - Cut, Sort and Uniq

Cron Scheduling - Perform automated batch processing.

Processing Input and Output

Master Script - 5hrs of content covering different areas of Corporate Shell scripting