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Charm School for Entry-Level Personnel.




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This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the wild world of business etiquette, where the line between a firm handshake and a full-on arm wrestle can be thinner than your average office coffee. This course isn't just an introduction to the dos and don'ts of the corporate landscape; it is your survival guide to not eating alone in the break room (you CAN sit with us). You'll learn the art of professionalism without becoming a robot, master the nuances of respectful communication without sounding like you're reading from a script, and discover the secrets of appropriate behavior that go beyond not stealing someone else's lunch from the fridge.

Through a series of interactive modules that are more engaging than your last team-building exercise, eye-opening case studies that didn't just come out of an ancient textbook, and practical exercises that won’t make you want to hit the snooze button, you'll acquire the skills to strut through the complex world of business interactions with the confidence of a peacock (but with humility).

Get ready to navigate everything from email etiquette that won't put your colleagues to sleep, to decoding the mysterious dress codes that seem to require a degree in fashion. By the end of this course, you'll be able to glide through networking events, charm in meetings, and maybe even figure out how to politely excuse yourself from those never-ending conversations about the weather. Welcome to Business Etiquette 101: Because sometimes, it’s not just what you know, but also knowing not to get too friendly during the office happy hour.